engaging modern parenting

Mobile application with personalized, interactive and educational stories which help support a child's development, while seamlessly limiting screen-time to the ideal and combining the stories with offline activities for a wholesome experience.

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Inspired by families

From start to finish, this app provides families with a continuous flow of activities, ranging from interactive storytelling, problem-solving, as well as an offline activity component.

Our Unique Cross-Criss Storytelling

Through Creativity Into Technology

We base our introduction to technology on 3 important things for children:
1. Creativity; 2. Problem solving; 3. Storytelling and learning

Long-Term Entertainment

We pride ourselves in a solution which offers endless possibilities. Our MVP will have 3 books, written in our special criss-cross pattern

Offline and Online

Our application offers best of both worlds. Regarding screen time, parents can set the story length to their liking. After the story finishes, application offers creative offline activities for children to continue their entertainment offline, so making the online to offline transition easy

Available Soon for Android & iOS

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